Keeping in view the complexities of today’s life-style, the increasing stress on parents and students,  and the  responsibility of the institution to address the issues, a department of Guidance and Counselling is functioning meritoriously at BPS under qualified student’s counsellor.

Student’s issues like autism, lack of concentration, absent mindedness, lack of retention, restlessness, lack of eye contact, cell phone/online      addiction, poor food habits, behavioural changes, sibling rivalry, irresponsibility etc. are identified with the help of the teachers at the early stage and remedial measures are taken. BPS is the second home for the students, and its concern for their health and welfare is   paramount.


Committee (Under POCSO)


Principal –  Mrs.M.Subashini

Vice Principal –

Teacher Representatives –


Non-Teaching Staff – Mrs MANIMEGALAI

Parent Representatives Mrs.Suganya

Student Representatives – 4

Mental Health Advisor –